One Day Intensive


Product Description


Are you gearing up to launching a new product and don’t know how to tackle everything, from PR to social media? Maybe you know that some things aren’t working in your business but aren’t sure what or how to change things?

A one day intensive with Louise is designed to help you break down these dilemmas into a clear plan of action. The clue is in the name, this day is INTENSE. You’ll get the most out of it if you’re ready to work hard to strip your brand down to the basics and build it back up with purposeful intention moving forwards.

It’s a kick up the bum when you most need it.

So whatever your business struggles are, from finding the right clients to making a profit, you’ll work through your problems together and come up with a personalised action plan to help you and your business grow to the next level.

One day intensives are held at the B.LOVED Hive in Bermondsey, London.

Includes a 30 minute Skype follow-up to make sure you’re on track 


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