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This makes us pretty damn happy because we work hard to do things a little differently round here. We’re definitely more of a ‘throw your hair in a top knot, grab a cup of coffee and power through the to do list’ type, than a six figure a year jet setter who is permanently attached to their iPhone. Don’t get us wrong, we have BIG dreams, we’re just more interested in practical ways of achieving them than feeling crappy or guilty for having an off day…

How can The Hive help you?

  • Learn how to create a successful business from people who’ve been where you are and know the wedding industry inside out
  • Learn how to create a successful business from people who’ve been where you are and know the wedding industry inside out
  • Expand your brand visibility through photoshoots and connections with others in the industry
  • Meet likeminded wedding pros through events that will a: make you realise you’re not alone and b: create some pretty amazing collaboration ops
  • Figure out who your ideal clients actually are and how you can connect with them
  • Get confident talking about money – because you didn’t start a business to work non-stop and earn peanuts, money matters!
  • Get your priorities in order, whether it’s daily tasks or what the next step for your business should be, we’ll help you work that out
  • Resources that you can access anywhere, both on and offline, to suit your needs
  • Access to our team of HivePros – experts in their field that can give you expertise in any area of business needing a fresh perspective, from brand strategy to killer web copy

If any of these ring true, we’ve got your back.


  • Are in the first few years of your wedding industry journey, or are changing direction
  • Don’t know how to ‘get out there’, with both clients and the industry
    Want to book more clients, and not just any clients, the ones that really love your brand
  • Need to get clear on who your target client is and don’t really know where to start
  • Lack focus or have too many ideas and don’t know what to pursue or how to make it happen
  • Are missing business skills and knowledge which is crippling your confidence
  • Want to build industry connections and struggle to make those contacts on your own
  • Find it lonely working by yourself at home
  • Didn’t start a business to bust a gut working 60 hours a week neglecting your friends and family and self… and it’s SO time to start making some actual real money to go towards things like bills and food and if there’s anything left over then maybe that necklace you’ve been eyeing up in Oliver Bonas…

You don’t have to do this alone

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