With International Women’s Day on 8th March, this month at the Hive we’re focussing on the amazing, incredible, talented and creative ladies who make our industry great.

Before I get shot down, I know there are many men who are part of the wedding world and I salute you, but the fact is a large percentage of our industry is run by brave female entrepreneurs. And it’s YOU I want to inspire, motivate and encourage to build the thriving businesses you deserve.

As female entrepreneurs, there are unique challenges and struggles we face in running our own businesses.  A lack of self-confidence and the fear of failure hold us back more than trying to maintain a work-life balance.

We are more influenced by negative feedback, and struggle to bounce back from failure. We set ourselves higher standards, and take criticism far more personally than our male counterparts.

In a nutshell, we care what others think,  we’re more emotional, and we think with our hearts.


These traits and qualities are often derided; they prevent us from being strong, determined and successful. This is Oh. So. Wrong!

Far from being negatives, all these things actually make us BETTER. They push us FURTHER. And make us work HARDER to achieve our dreams and goals.



We all have fears and doubts about the business decisions we have to make on a daily basis. But instead of letting those thoughts in the back of your mind put you off trying something new, think of them as reality checks instead.  Chances are some of your thoughts are genuine risks and challenges you will face along the way, and being aware of them is an opportunity to take action to tackle them before you even get started.


We all love a good gossip, but we’re not always so forthright in sharing our struggles and fears with others.  But when you’re feeling the niggles of self-doubt chatting to a friend or business coach can lift a weight off your shoulders – and help you to find the solutions you need to face your fears head on.  That’s why a support network is so important, and part of the reason we created the #HiveTribe (check out our membership options here)


The quickest way to prove you’re a failure is to set yourself unrealistic goals.  Rather than being left deflated and uninspired by not meeting your deadlines, yet again, take some time to reassess what is realistic and achievable in the time you have.  One you start nailing those goals, your confidence will grow and you’ll find yourself closer to your business dreams in no time!


We talk a lot about success, but don’t really take much time to think about what it means.  For us millennials, we were brought up to believe success is having it all – the  nice house, fancy car, high-flying career, luxury holidays and a beautiful family. So many of us are so busy trying to achieve this unrealistic idea of success that we’re failing. The truth is, success is whatever makes you happy. Do what’s right for you.


We’re all great at identifying the things we could do better at, but not so good at shouting about our accomplishments.  As a solopreneur, the only person who can shout about how great you are is you.  So why aren’t you doing it?  Well, we’re all just a bit too nice. We’re scared of over-promoting and coming across as, well, a bit arrogant. But if you’re not telling people how amazing your business is, and how you can help your clients, then no-one is going to know!

Author: Louise Beukes

With a background in interior design, Louise has been the Editor of award winning wedding and lifestyle blog B.LOVED for 6 years. During this time, her styling work has been published in the very best bridal publications the world over, positioning her as a forward thinking, leading authority in the wedding industry. Bringing extensive wedding industry and design experience together, she is Head Cheerleader, Advisor, Mentor, and Kick-ass Boss Lady here at B.LOVED HIVE HQ.

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