“The B.LOVED Hive is the ultimate community for UK wedding industry professionals to learn inspirational new skills, meet like minded colleagues at a dedicated workspace, and build thriving businesses.”



If you’re a wedding professional wanting to push your business to the next level, being a member of the B.LOVED Hive will give you the support and motivation to tackle the next steps.

With practical workshops and events, regular business advice and inspiration, and a supportive group of members, the B.LOVED Hive is the first community for wedding industry professionals with a dedicated London workspace.

How many times have you agonised over a decision and wished you had a business partner to talk things through with? Someone with a fresh perspective that also understands the wedding industry?


Do any of these SOUND familiar?

  • lonely days spent at your computer without even talking to anyone
  • everyone else is a success while you struggle alone
  • not getting the right clients
  • not making a profit
  • have a never ending to do list
  • never enough time
  • miss out on spending time with family and friends
  • burnt out and exhausted
  • stuck in a rut
  • trying to turn a hobby into a business
  • needing help developing business ideas
  • too many ideas
  • not reaching the right clients

If any of these problems feel relevant, the Hive can help!



Joining the Hive will help you do brilliantly in business, thanks to these invaluable features:

  • Members Community: a fun, friendly and supportive community both on and offline, promoting professionalism and integrity in the industry
  • Workshops & Events: regular workshops hosted at our London Hive, covering a range of topics from start-up tips, to building your empire, and everything in between
  • Networking: regular member meet-ups giving you the chance to make new connections and friendships in the industry
  • Workspace: access to the members-only B.LOVED Hive in South East London, for just £10 per day- including refreshments from the tea and coffee station. Whether you want a chance to catch up with industry colleagues, make the most of downtime between meetings or host client consultations
  • Blog: the best place to find the latest advice and business inspiration with regular posts
  • Monthly action plans: all members receive a monthly action plan to keep you focused on your goals
  • In the Hive: get inspired by monthly interviews and advice from respected wedding industry professionals
  • Digital Downloads: from contracts and templates, to stock photography and inspirational posters, our library of downloads make business admin a breeze
  • Get involved: we want to see our members thrive, so you’ll have the opportunity to share your latest news in our members-only Facebook Group, and promote workshops or events in the Hive online calendar. You never know when your own journey might help and inspire someone, so we love to feature online interviews and blog posts from our members.

Sometimes, the smallest action can change your world.  For me, it was pressing the publish button on my very first blog post during one chilly day in March, back in 2011. Little did I know at the time, that the action would catapult me into the crazy world of solopreneurship. Suddenly, I was juggling a demanding full-time job, a rapidly growing blog, and life as a newlywed.

Over the following years I worked my butt off, establishing the B.LOVED brand, growing my readership, and cultivating a talented, loyal network of fellow wedding industry professionals. In 2014, I finally took the plunge and gave up the day job that I had become so disenchanted by, and poured my heart and soul into the business and industry I loved so much.


Fast forward to five years later, while going through a painful divorce, I was forced to face facts; my business was not a financial success. It couldn’t support my new-found single life. Hell, it wasn’t even turning a profit.  I was ready to jack it all in and get a ‘real’ job- even if the thought of going back to office life was even more terrifying than going it alone! I was going through this inner turmoil, when I decided to share my story with some industry friends that had noticed my absence.  Their response forced me to rethink everything.

I realised I wasn’t the only one struggling. We are all guilty of creating an impression of success, all the while often barely scraping together a living.  We all have the same questions about marketing, growing social media engagement, and submitting our bloody tax returns.  We talked, we confided in each other, and I realised: We all have days when the bills are rolling in, the to-do list is never ending, and it feels like we’re never going to make that next sale. And they begged me: DON’T GIVE UP!


And so the concept of the B.LOVED Hive was born.  In an industry made up largely of female solopreneurs, working from home behind a computer screen a bazillion hours a week, we need support.  We need to feel inspired, uplifted, and we need to be nurtured and encouraged to allow us to build thriving businesses. To help us create our own version of success. And the Hive offers just that.

louise beukes founder of wedding industry community the bloved hiveWith a background in interior design, Louise has been the Editor of award winning wedding and lifestyle blog B.LOVED for 5 years. During this time, her styling work has been published in the very best bridal publications the world over, positioning her as a forward thinking, leading authority in the wedding industry.

Building on this reputation as an industry expert, in 2015 Louise became a founding blogger of the innovative Aisle Society. Connecting 40 of the world’s top bridal bloggers, it’s the online hub for no less than the very best wedding inspiration on the planet.

Bringing extensive wedding industry and design experience together, she is Head Cheerleader, Advisor, Mentor, and Kick-ass Boss Lady here at the B.LOVED Hive.